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Need an In-home Estimate?

Most consumers choose their Connecticut moving companies over the phone.  This is becoming increasingly popular and convenient for the on-the-go consumer.  Customers can go online and search for moving companies, submit information and within minutes be contacted with a moving quote.  However, some prefer a one-on-one consultation with an in-home estimator.  This service is also free and is provided by most reputable moving companies.  Often moving companies reserve these services for individuals who are moving out of state or moving a large home(i.e. 3 bedroom plus) locally.  Nonetheless, anyone can request a free in-home estimate for their move.

When the estimator arrives they will conduct a walk-through of the property to determine what goes and what doesn’t. This helps to generate your moving quote.  If you are uncertain whether an item is going, include it anyway.  It’s better to count it.

As you walk-through your home, you also want to note items that need special attention i.e. (flat screens, plasmas, china hutches, items with large glass etc).  A good estimator will usually identify those items before you and assure you that special precaution will be used while handling your valuables. Fees are sometimes associated with special packaging of fragile items.   Ask if special crating of a fragile item involves a fee.

After you have completed the walk-through, your estimator will generate your quote for your review.  The quote will be a not-to-exceed amount.  In essence your cost will at least be no more than the specified amount presented to you in writing.  However, it could be less.

I recommend taking time to review the quote before signing.  At least compare it with two other estimates.  Remember the in-home estimate is a flat rate moving quote that has a not-to-exceed rate as opposed to just an hourly rate depending upon hours used.


Top 5 Reasons To Move!!

You are 18 years old and you have been living with mom and dad all your life. It is time to move out and establish your own household. All My Sons Moving and Storage of Connecticut can help you in that transition.

You’re Hired! Congratulations on your new Job, but it is in Denver. All My Sons Moving and Storage of Connecticut specializes in both Local moves and Long Distance moves. We pride ourselves in making every move as smooth as possible.

WOW! Look at the gas prices today! It is no wonder why everyone seems to be switching to smaller vehicles with better gas mileage. Their commute to work is costing an arm and a leg. A lot of people are moving now just to be closer to work. You can be sure that if you need help with your move, All My Sons Moving and Storage of Connecticut. is here to help with any and all of your moving and storage needs.

School’s out for the summer or is about to start back up for the year. Either way if you are attending a university, you are either moving to or leaving the school until the following year. Getting ready for a new school year is stressful enough let alone having to figure out how you are going to move your things into your new dorm, or back home. Let All My Sons Moving and Storage of Connecticut handle that stress for you and you just relax.

Congratulations on your new baby boy or girl, but you are running out of room in your current house or apartment. People are moving all the time to make room for new family members. On top of all the stress that comes with preparing for a new addition to the family you have to make time to move your furniture. Here at All My Sons Moving and Storage of Connecticut, we do not want you to worry about that. You let us move your furniture and you just focus on moving your family.

Benefits Of Moving!

Change believe it or not, can also be a good thing despite what you may have heard or feel. I am sure that you know moving can be very stressful, but on the brightside, there are actually benefits to moving . I am the type of person that when it comes to doing the same thing over and over again, it gets boring. It’s the same with seeing the same thing over and over. A change of scenery is always a good thing. If you have that annoying neighbor that peeks through the hole in the fence like I do everytime you are outside, Its good to get away from that too. I also believe strongly in meeting new people. Have you heard the saying, “Its not what you know, but who you know!”? Well I believe that’s not entirely false, it goes hand and hand with working hard for what you have. Moving can also give you a chance to re-invent yourself. Everything is new when you move. New area, home, neighbors, and friends. So whether you are just trying to get away from that annoying neighbor, looking for a new scene, or just trying to re-invent yourself, you can rest assure that your friendly movers here at All My Sons Moving and Storage of Connecitcut can take care of all your moving and storage needs.

Your New Neighborhood!!

There are alot of things to look for when moving into a new neighborhood. Your friendly movers here at All My Sons Moving and Storage of Connecticut would like to assist you in finding the right neighborhood for you and your family. The first thing you want to look at of course is the crime rate, and you can do that by going to citydata.com online. You also want to look at what local businesses surround your neighborhood. It is always a good thing NOT to have to drive thirty miles to a gas station or grocery store. If you have kids you want to look at local education in the area. What schools are your children going to be attending and how do they stack up to other schools in the area? If you get bored easily then entertainment would be something you would want to look at. Is there an amusement park nearby, bowling alley, movie theatre, or arcades? Are there any parks and recreation centers? All these things are what you want to look for when moving into a new neighborhood.

Moving Brokers Are Bad!!!

What are brokers? They are what some Connecticut movers use to give you that quote you are looking for. The really bad thing about brokers is the fact they then take that information and sell it to the highest bidder. Your contact information may go through 15 different hands before it gets to the right company. That means that the professional Connecticut movers you think are showing up are sometimes just a man in a pick-up truck pulling a trailer… Sometimes it’s a horse trailer!

That is not the way to move your furniture! Those trailers do not have the suspension that a moving truck has. These people usually don’t have the experience to complete a move. Your property is damaged, stolen, and sometimes made to look like it is not broken (this can be very dangerous when you have children)!!!

I’ve seen old rental moving trucks that have the original decals removed, then Connecticut movers spray paint Moving Co. and a phone number on the side of the truck with a can of spray paint. These local moving companies are not licensed and insured.

The problems with these Connecticut movers and with the Connecticut movers that brokers send out are simple… If they get hurt in your house or even on your property they can sue you! These Connecticut movers also use untrained day laborers that are in no hurry to get the job done… Why would they? They have no guaranteed job the next day! So on top of a extremely long move. You may also have items missing!

Here at All My Sons Moving and Storage. You talk to us, and it is All My Sons Moving and Storage that moves you! Just a great company doing a great move for you! We are a Connecticut mover that takes pride in all of the moves we do no matter how large or small, you could be moving right next door or across the country.

Benefits Of Quilt Pad Wrapping!



When All My Sons performs a local move for a shipper, we use quilt pad wraps to protect the furniture from being knicked, scratched, or dinged. I want to take some time to introduce some other benefits of using quilt pad wraps. When it comes to packing, using quilt pads means you do not have to empty dresser drawers. All My Sons Moving and Storage wraps all the furntiture, therefore keeping the dresser drawers shut. If it is raining, the quilt pads protect your furniture from getting wet. Quilt pads are not only meant to help protect your furniture. When people move they are usually moving into a newly painted house or apartment, they are also intended to protect your walls. They are most definitely going to save you money. You are not going to have to spend money on boxes for your clothes in the dresser, and for those local movers that do use quilt pad wraps, you will not have to worry about any costly repairs to your furniture or walls in your new home.

All My Sons Concierge

Im sure if you have moved before, you know how stressful it can be. You have to pack, get everything ready for your local movers to come in and get you moved. On top of all that you have to get all utilities transfered to your new home, put in a change of address, and set up a time for the cable and internet guy to come out and set that up. after sitting on hold for two hours between all your different utility companies to get that all taken care of you just don’t want to move anymore.

Well Homes.org, our concierge, is a service that we provide free of charge for our customers, that takes all that stress away. You dont have to worry about calling anyone after setting your move up with us. My Homes.org Concierge Service will CALL YOU and take care of all your utility transfers, and if you are looking to set up Cable, Satellite, Internet, even phone service in your new home, they can have that arranged for you as well. If you want an alarm system in your new home, thats no problem.

All My Sons prides itself in making every move as stress free as possible and with Homes.org as our concierge, it takes that one step further.

Happy 4th of July From Your Local Connecticut Movers!

All My Sons of Connecticut would like to wish everyone a fun filled safe and happy 4th of July.

The 4th of July is one of the most-anticipated holidays of the summer, with food, parades, and of course, fireworks! It was on this date in 1776, that the Founding Fathers signed the Declaration of Independence, effectively cutting the colonies’ ties to Great Britain. For years, the 4th of July holiday was observed unofficially; it wasn’t until 1941 that Congress declared it a legal holiday. I know I have been celebrating the 4th of July for as long as I can remember.

Picnics and barbeques bring the family together and with a menu of watermelon, corn on the cob, hamburgers or hot dogs, apple pie and ice cream you have the recipe for success.

I don’t know how you plan to enjoy this great holiday, however I would like to point out the ways I celebrate America’s birthday. Like I said, it’s about spending time with family, having fun, eating great American food, the music, and of course the parades and Fireworks. You know it seems more enjoyable for me because it’s like a huge birthday party that America throws for me. I can say that because July 3rd is my actual birthday. Anyways, there are a lot of great events in the area that all your family and friends can enjoy.

Great American Fireworks Display!
7/3/2008 Stratford, time: 9 pm
Short Beach Park, City of Stratford

Thursday, July 3rd, 2008, 6:00 pm – 10:30 pm
Municipal Bldg. lawn at deKoven Drive & Court Street
Featuring live music, Food/Refreshments Vendors and Fireworks over the Connecticut River.

6 p.m. The Middletown High School Jazz Band
7 p.m. Eight to the Bar
9 p.m. The Middletown Symphonic Band

“3-D” Fireworks
Have a blast this July 4th at Quassy. A special “3-D” fireworks presentation after dark over Lake Quassapaug, that will benefit Prevent Blindness Tri-State. Viewing glasses will be sold for $1.00, Parking $7.00 on July 4th. The show will be presented by Naugatuck Savings Bank, Gibraltar Pools, Price Chopper, OptiCare, and Southbury Plaza.
Friday, July 4, 2008
Quassy Amusement Park , Rte. 64., Middlebury, CT

Great Local Moves and Great Reviews!

There are alot of things that I can say about how great All My Sons is first hand, but I would be doing you no justice. I want to take this time to share with you a couple of reviews from local shippers like you.

This first review comes from Naia P. Stratford, CT: When asked if her movers were prepared when they arrived – she responded, “They were extremely prepared, and were fast” When asked what she thought of the movers – she responded, “EXCELLENT!! – courteous, helpful, would use All My Sons again!”

This next review comes from Karen G. Hartford, CT: When asked if her movers were prepared when they arrived – she responded, “VERY prepared and respectful” When asked what she thought of the movers – she responded, “They were careful and worked very hard” When asked if she would use All My Sons again – she responded, “YES!”

Of course these are just a couple of Great Local Moves and Great Reviews and I assure you there are more where these came from. Here at All My Sons we pride ourselves in having over 4 generations of experience and taking care of our customers. After all you are a part of our family.

All My Sons Moving & Storage of Connecticut Affiliates

I just wanted to take a little time to show you the different organizations that we are apart of that are not just important to us as a business, but also to you as the shipper.

The BBB(Better Business Bureau) is an organization that works to protect consumers against fraudulent and deceptive business practices, including those used in advertising and sales, by answering and investigating consumer complaints.

The AMSA Certified Mover Program® is a voluntary program for local movers who elect to participate by committing to provide a professional level of service, together with efficient complaint handling and dispute resolution services for their customers.

The Motor Transport Association of Connecticut has served the interests of local movers that operate commercial motor vehicles in and through the State of Connecticut. They are the strong voice for one-truck operators and transportation giants alike, always advocating programs and policies which promote safe and profitable truck operations.

Each one of these organizations are set in place to protect you as the shipper.