Moving in your new home this Thanksgiving?

Well, let me offer a few pointers to help you get settled quickly.  Unpacking of your furnishings will be the deciding factor between a lovely meal at your lovely new table in your dining room, or on tons of boxes.  For this reason alone, I almost always recommend that you allow your Connecticut moving company to handle your entire relocation.  Why grapple with loads and loads of unpacking, as well as preparing your holiday decor and dinner for guests?  Leave it to the professionals and watch your Thanksgiving dinner in your new home be a hit!

If your budget doesn’t allow a full service move, have your Connecticut movers handle the packing of your fragile items only.  This will minimize damage to your breakables and give you an added peace of mind.  You can pack your clothing and other items yourself.  When you arrive at your new home, allow your movers to reassemble your furnishings and place all of your boxes in their respective rooms.  Invite family and friends over to tackle one room at a time.  A layout of where things should be placed would be a great tool for your helpers.  Once a room is completed move to the next.  It may be wise to only tackle a couple of rooms a day.  Working systematically will make all the difference in the world.  Happy Thanksgiving!



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