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Where to Begin

Happy Memorial Day Weekend Connecticut! Moving season is booming this month! For those who are relocating soon, perhaps your Memorial Day off will serve as a good day to start planning for your summer move. With so much to consider, you might find it difficult to decide where to even begin! Well here is a little hint… From the comfort of your own home, submit a request online for competitive moving companies to provide estimate quotes for your consideration. All My Sons Moving and Storage of Connecticut will surely stand out as a family who truly cares about Connecticut local movers, and saving you money! Best of all, when you are finished planning your summer Connecticut move with AMS, you’ll find your Moving To-Do List to be so short, you may consider taking the rest of the day off to relax and enjoy the break from work! Have a great Memorial Day!

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Booking Moves Made Easy in Connecticut!

All My Sons Moving & Storage makes your move easy, and now we are making the job of booking your move even easier! We now have an online booking engine! We know the online system will help expedite our customers moving process.

The closer to your move date, the crazier your life will become. Now you don’t have to worry about calling during business hours to book your move – you can do it anytime! This is just a small part of why we are your #1 Connecticut mover!

We are your choice for local Connecticut moves. We are Office movers, Piano movers, Long Distance movers, Furniture movers, Apartment movers, full service movers, Residential movers, Cross Country movers, International movers, and we also sell moving boxes! Go to All My Sons Moving & Storage or call 1-866-726-1579 and take the stress out of your move!

Top 5 Reasons To Move!!

You are 18 years old and you have been living with mom and dad all your life. It is time to move out and establish your own household. All My Sons Moving and Storage of Connecticut can help you in that transition.

You’re Hired! Congratulations on your new Job, but it is in Denver. All My Sons Moving and Storage of Connecticut specializes in both Local moves and Long Distance moves. We pride ourselves in making every move as smooth as possible.

WOW! Look at the gas prices today! It is no wonder why everyone seems to be switching to smaller vehicles with better gas mileage. Their commute to work is costing an arm and a leg. A lot of people are moving now just to be closer to work. You can be sure that if you need help with your move, All My Sons Moving and Storage of Connecticut. is here to help with any and all of your moving and storage needs.

School’s out for the summer or is about to start back up for the year. Either way if you are attending a university, you are either moving to or leaving the school until the following year. Getting ready for a new school year is stressful enough let alone having to figure out how you are going to move your things into your new dorm, or back home. Let All My Sons Moving and Storage of Connecticut handle that stress for you and you just relax.

Congratulations on your new baby boy or girl, but you are running out of room in your current house or apartment. People are moving all the time to make room for new family members. On top of all the stress that comes with preparing for a new addition to the family you have to make time to move your furniture. Here at All My Sons Moving and Storage of Connecticut, we do not want you to worry about that. You let us move your furniture and you just focus on moving your family.

Benefits Of Moving!

Change believe it or not, can also be a good thing despite what you may have heard or feel. I am sure that you know moving can be very stressful, but on the brightside, there are actually benefits to moving . I am the type of person that when it comes to doing the same thing over and over again, it gets boring. It’s the same with seeing the same thing over and over. A change of scenery is always a good thing. If you have that annoying neighbor that peeks through the hole in the fence like I do everytime you are outside, Its good to get away from that too. I also believe strongly in meeting new people. Have you heard the saying, “Its not what you know, but who you know!”? Well I believe that’s not entirely false, it goes hand and hand with working hard for what you have. Moving can also give you a chance to re-invent yourself. Everything is new when you move. New area, home, neighbors, and friends. So whether you are just trying to get away from that annoying neighbor, looking for a new scene, or just trying to re-invent yourself, you can rest assure that your friendly movers here at All My Sons Moving and Storage of Connecitcut can take care of all your moving and storage needs.

Your New Neighborhood!!

There are alot of things to look for when moving into a new neighborhood. Your friendly movers here at All My Sons Moving and Storage of Connecticut would like to assist you in finding the right neighborhood for you and your family. The first thing you want to look at of course is the crime rate, and you can do that by going to online. You also want to look at what local businesses surround your neighborhood. It is always a good thing NOT to have to drive thirty miles to a gas station or grocery store. If you have kids you want to look at local education in the area. What schools are your children going to be attending and how do they stack up to other schools in the area? If you get bored easily then entertainment would be something you would want to look at. Is there an amusement park nearby, bowling alley, movie theatre, or arcades? Are there any parks and recreation centers? All these things are what you want to look for when moving into a new neighborhood.

Moving Brokers Are Bad!!!

What are brokers? They are what some Connecticut movers use to give you that quote you are looking for. The really bad thing about brokers is the fact they then take that information and sell it to the highest bidder. Your contact information may go through 15 different hands before it gets to the right company. That means that the professional Connecticut movers you think are showing up are sometimes just a man in a pick-up truck pulling a trailer… Sometimes it’s a horse trailer!

That is not the way to move your furniture! Those trailers do not have the suspension that a moving truck has. These people usually don’t have the experience to complete a move. Your property is damaged, stolen, and sometimes made to look like it is not broken (this can be very dangerous when you have children)!!!

I’ve seen old rental moving trucks that have the original decals removed, then Connecticut movers spray paint Moving Co. and a phone number on the side of the truck with a can of spray paint. These local moving companies are not licensed and insured.

The problems with these Connecticut movers and with the Connecticut movers that brokers send out are simple… If they get hurt in your house or even on your property they can sue you! These Connecticut movers also use untrained day laborers that are in no hurry to get the job done… Why would they? They have no guaranteed job the next day! So on top of a extremely long move. You may also have items missing!

Here at All My Sons Moving and Storage. You talk to us, and it is All My Sons Moving and Storage that moves you! Just a great company doing a great move for you! We are a Connecticut mover that takes pride in all of the moves we do no matter how large or small, you could be moving right next door or across the country.

Benefits Of Quilt Pad Wrapping!



When All My Sons performs a local move for a shipper, we use quilt pad wraps to protect the furniture from being knicked, scratched, or dinged. I want to take some time to introduce some other benefits of using quilt pad wraps. When it comes to packing, using quilt pads means you do not have to empty dresser drawers. All My Sons Moving and Storage wraps all the furntiture, therefore keeping the dresser drawers shut. If it is raining, the quilt pads protect your furniture from getting wet. Quilt pads are not only meant to help protect your furniture. When people move they are usually moving into a newly painted house or apartment, they are also intended to protect your walls. They are most definitely going to save you money. You are not going to have to spend money on boxes for your clothes in the dresser, and for those local movers that do use quilt pad wraps, you will not have to worry about any costly repairs to your furniture or walls in your new home.