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Moving in your new home this Thanksgiving?

Well, let me offer a few pointers to help you get settled quickly.  Unpacking of your furnishings will be the deciding factor between a lovely meal at your lovely new table in your dining room, or on tons of boxes.  For this reason alone, I almost always recommend that you allow your Connecticut moving company to handle your entire relocation.  Why grapple with loads and loads of unpacking, as well as preparing your holiday decor and dinner for guests?  Leave it to the professionals and watch your Thanksgiving dinner in your new home be a hit!

If your budget doesn’t allow a full service move, have your Connecticut movers handle the packing of your fragile items only.  This will minimize damage to your breakables and give you an added peace of mind.  You can pack your clothing and other items yourself.  When you arrive at your new home, allow your movers to reassemble your furnishings and place all of your boxes in their respective rooms.  Invite family and friends over to tackle one room at a time.  A layout of where things should be placed would be a great tool for your helpers.  Once a room is completed move to the next.  It may be wise to only tackle a couple of rooms a day.  Working systematically will make all the difference in the world.  Happy Thanksgiving!



Need an In-home Estimate?

Most consumers choose their Connecticut moving companies over the phone.  This is becoming increasingly popular and convenient for the on-the-go consumer.  Customers can go online and search for moving companies, submit information and within minutes be contacted with a moving quote.  However, some prefer a one-on-one consultation with an in-home estimator.  This service is also free and is provided by most reputable moving companies.  Often moving companies reserve these services for individuals who are moving out of state or moving a large home(i.e. 3 bedroom plus) locally.  Nonetheless, anyone can request a free in-home estimate for their move.

When the estimator arrives they will conduct a walk-through of the property to determine what goes and what doesn’t. This helps to generate your moving quote.  If you are uncertain whether an item is going, include it anyway.  It’s better to count it.

As you walk-through your home, you also want to note items that need special attention i.e. (flat screens, plasmas, china hutches, items with large glass etc).  A good estimator will usually identify those items before you and assure you that special precaution will be used while handling your valuables. Fees are sometimes associated with special packaging of fragile items.   Ask if special crating of a fragile item involves a fee.

After you have completed the walk-through, your estimator will generate your quote for your review.  The quote will be a not-to-exceed amount.  In essence your cost will at least be no more than the specified amount presented to you in writing.  However, it could be less.

I recommend taking time to review the quote before signing.  At least compare it with two other estimates.  Remember the in-home estimate is a flat rate moving quote that has a not-to-exceed rate as opposed to just an hourly rate depending upon hours used.


Booking your Connecticut move on-the-go?

Technology has made it rather simple to conduct business on a daily basis away from the office and home. Consumers are able to access the internet via smart phones, Ipads and laptops. Therefore, coffee shops, restaurants, bookstores, malls and more are seeing a steady influx of the technically savvy customer making purchases, but also checking email, setting appointments and more.

Are you making a move in Connecticut soon? Most local movers allow you to book your move online or even call in and receive a moving quote over the phone. A moving coordinator will assist you by collecting some important information about your move, and then provide you with a moving quote. Call around or go online and search forlocal Connecticut movers in the area.

Questions you should ask your mover.

Moving in Connecticut can be rather overwhelming. That’s why it’s important that you hire an experienced mover to assist you with expediting your moving process. How do you find that Connecticut mover you ask? These questions should help you narrow down your search.

  1. How long will my move take?  A reputable moving company will approximate at least a half hour per room loading and an half hour per room unloading.  But remember it depends on the amount of items in your room.  It could take less, or a little more.
  2. Do you pack?  All full service movers pack.  They can also provide packing materials for your home.  A full service mover is generally the safest bet for a move of any kind.
  3. Are my items protected?  A full service mover usually provides some sort of wrapping of your furniture, typically quilt-pad wrapping.  They not only wrap your items but will also lay runners on the floor so they don’t dirty or mark up your flooring.
  4. Will I need one or two trucks?  What about movers, will I need one, two or three?  A skilled mover will know the size vehicle to bring and the number of movers to assign.  As you describe your home, namely the number of rooms and large items, this will determine the number of men and trucks.  If at any point you’re uncomfortable about approximating, a skilled mover will offer to come out and provide a in-home estimate.
  5. What can I do to expedite the move?  An experienced mover will offer you a few tips on how to get your home move ready.  This process will help everything flow swiftly and smoothly.
  6. How much will my move cost?  Your move cost is determined by the time it takes your Connecticut moving company to conduct your move.  Based upon the number of rooms you have and the hour approximation per room, you can come up with a rough estimate.  However, there may be other factors that either shorten or elongate the time.  Travel time is another time element that must be factored in as well.  A reputable mover will never give you a definite cost unless its a written estimate.

Just completed your summer move in Connecticut?

Now that your summer move to Connecticut is over, you can finally breathe a sigh of relief.  While the relocation aspect of your move is complete, the transition to the area is just beginning.

Learning your new community is going to take a little time.  Pick up a newcomers guide from the area chamber of commerce to help with getting acclimated to the area.  Other things like locating your area post office, waste management site and more can be found in your newcomers guide or by visiting your city’s website.  Your Connecticut moving company will also provide you with tools and resources to aid in your transition.  Welcome to Connecticut!

How many movers do I need?

The answer to this question solely depends on the size of your Connecticut move.  If you’re moving a small one bedroom apartment, two movers would suffice.  If you’re moving a two bedroom apt or three bedroom home you will need three movers. Four bedroom homes or more require at least four movers and in some instances five.  With much larger moves you will need an additional truck to accomodate all of your furnishings.  Your Connecticut mover will recommend the best move plan for your home. If you receive your initial moving quote via phone and are a little unsure about the number of movers recommended, ask for an in-home estimate.

Moving and you can’t be there?

Every move is unique.  Many times individuals and families are up against a strict deadline to be out of one place and into another.  Often people take jobs in another city and are forced to leave behind their entire home to be sold, moved and relocated while they begin their new career.  Well, Connecticut movers are experienced at all types of moves. 

When you’re in a situation where you can’t be present, most Connecticut moving companies will allow you to designate an individual to supervise the moving process and provide suggestions for payment options.  The goal of your mover is to make the move as stress-free as possible.  While this may be an overwhelming reality for you, an experienced Connecticut mover is ready to execute your move as if you were present.